Osteria with seafood menu at San Marco

A meeting point between land and sea, Venice has long been famous for its cuisine, distinguished by fish and seafood dishes.
Restaurant Santo Stefano, located in the homonymous Venetian square, offers delicious seafood that would make your stay in Venice unforgettable, a balance of sweet and delicate moments of poetry.

True Venetian fish at fair prices

Fresh fish makes simple dishes with great refinement of flavors: the day’s catch arrives to our kitchen every day, so that we can offer you the best in quality and freshness, treating you to true flavours of our sea.

Our seafood specialty restaurant has much to offer:

  • crustaceans;
  • Italian seafood appetizers;
  • seafood;
  • fried fish;
  • grilled fish;
  • baked fish;
  • parcel-baked fish:

Then there are also the two specialties of the house that we invite you to taste:

  • baked sea bass;
  • Santo Stefano gnocchi.

Where to eat fish near Piazza San Marco?

There are of course all the dishes of the great Venetian tradition: among the delicacies that you can enjoy in this pizza restaurant are fish risotto, “risi e bisi” (rice and peas), or sardines in Saor sauce – typical fried sardines from the lagoon. There is also the wide range of desserts, including homemade pies.

The restaurant is located in Campo Santo Stefano, just a short walk from San Marco, and offers a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The delicacy of our staff is combined with outmost professionalism and guarantees personal attention and diligent service. With its privileged position, this is the perfect place to spend some memorable moments of pleasure!

Seafood restaurant outdoors in a typical spot of Venice

The charming seafood restaurant with outdoor seating is a credit to the reputation of the floating city par excellence.
Fresh fish can make simple dishes that express great refinement of flavours: fresh fish, selected directly by our chefs to ensure only dishes of the highest quality.

Every day, subject to availability, you will find the best of the sea on your table: refined but traditional dishes, the typical cuisine of the lagoon.